Wrestling additions among winter rules changes

EAST LANSING – The re-definition of the competition area to reward offensive wrestling in the down position is among the most significant rules changes taking effect with the start of 2017-18 competition in 12 winter sports for which the Michigan High School Athletic Association sponsors postseason tournaments.

New this winter, wrestlers in the down position will continue competing as long as the supporting point(s) of either wrestler are inbounds. Previously, wrestling stopped when one competitor’s supporting point(s) went out of bounds.

This change creates a larger scoring area and is intended to reduce match stoppages that take place when action moves out of bounds. Supporting points include the parts of the body touching, or within, the wrestling area that bear the wrestler’s weight, other than those parts with which the wrestler is holding the opponent.

A rules change in basketball also will be apparent this winter. An official may now provide an official warning to the head coach – with that warning then recorded in the scorebook – for misconduct by the coach or other bench personnel including players in and outside the coaching box.

This warning is intended to make the message clear that there is misconduct and promote a change in behavior before a technical foul is called.

However, a warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul if the misconduct is determined to be major.

The 2017-18 winter campaign culminates with postseason tournaments beginning with the Upper Peninsula Girls and Boys Swimming & Diving Finals on Feb. 17, and wraps up with the boys basketball finals on March 24.

The MHSAA Individual Wrestling Finals that are moving to Ford Field will be a two-day event this winter as opposed to a three-day event as in past seasons.

Tournament dates:

Boys Basketball

Districts – March 5, 7 & 9

Regionals – March 12 & 14

Quarterfinals – March 20

Semifinals – March 22-23

Finals – March 24

Girls Basketball

Districts – Feb. 22, 28 & March 2

Regionals – March 6 & 8

Quarterfinals – March 13

Semifinals – March 15-16

Finals – March 17

Girls & Boys Bowling

Team Regionals – Feb. 23

Singles Regionals – Feb. 24

Team Finals – March 2

Singles Finals – March 3

Girls Competitive Cheer

Districts – Feb. 16-17

Regionals – Feb. 24

Finals: March 2-3

Ice Hockey

Pre-Regionals/Regionals – Feb. 26-March 3

Quarterfinals – March 6-7

Semifinals – March 8-9

Finals – March 10

Girls and Boys Skiing

Regionals – Feb. 12-16

Finals – Feb. 26

Girls & Boys Swimming & Diving

U.P. Girls & Boys Finals – Feb. 17


Team Districts – Feb. 7-8

Individual Districts – Feb. 10

Team Regionals – Feb. 14

Individual Regionals – Feb. 17

Team Quarterfinals – Feb. 23

Team Semifinals & Finals – Feb. 24

Individual Finals – March 2-3