ScuttleBu(r)t … Mariucci surprised by Packer move

Iron Mountain’s Steve Mariucci, who knows something about getting the axe from NFL head coaching positions, was surprised that Mike McCarthy didn’t survive the entire season with the Packers.

“Kind of a crazy day in Green Bay, to be quite honest with you,” said Mariucci, a guest Monday on the Rich Eisen Show. “I know they’re having a tough year and everything but, geez, I didn’t think this would happen during the season.

“Let the man finish out. An organization for the most part should allow a coach like that to finish the season and then make a decision.”

Mariucci, former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions, expects McCarthy to have no trouble finding future work in the NFL.

‘Mike McCarthy has 125 wins, a Super Bowl ring and a street named after him in Green Bay,” said Mariucci, a Packer backer since the age of two. “He comes with a stronger resume than some college coaches or a coordinator. He will have opportunities. It’s a matter if he wants to get back on that horse again.

“Mike is a good man, good coach. It just went south for a lot of reasons. He will land on his feet and have a choice of jobs.”

Mariucci hated to see McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers part company.

“Mike and Aaron Rodgers have had a lot of success together,” said Mariucci, an NFL Network analyst. “They both helped each other gain big contracts, both have big houses.”

McCarthy and Iron Mountain’s Gene Ronzani (1953) are the only head coaches in the Green Bay Packers’ 100-year history to be fired during a season. Ronzani won 14 games in four seasons.

Mariucci was dumped by the Lions after losing the 2005 Thanksgiving Day game to Atlanta.

“I bet Iron Mountain, Michigan, is the only town in the whole country that has had two head football coaches in the NFL get fired during the season,”: quipped Mariucci.

Since yours truly and D. Roy both had Las Vegas parlay cards torpedoed by the Packers losing to the lowly Cardinals, yes, the dismissal of Mike McCarthy was definitely warranted. I had an eight-team super teaser going when the Packers failed to win (by 4.5 points).

By the way, TSA must have been watching previews of Clint Eastwood’s “The Mule” movie and looking for a couple suspicious old guys.

Upon our departure from Vegas’ McCarran International, security stopped us for several minutes. One guy had D. Roy spread-eagled over the conveyor belt and I was groped to the point of nearly setting a world broad jump record.

TSA found nothing but dirty underwear and losing Keno slips …