More than 300 bobcats harvested in Wisconsin’s statewide season

MADISON, Wis. — Preliminary harvest data for Wisconsin’s 2016-17 bobcat season show hunters and trappers harvested 338 bobcats.

Preliminary data combines both state and tribal harvest information — final harvest information should be available by mid-June. The 2016-17 season marked the third year of a statewide bobcat harvest. These preliminary figures include results from the newly opened southern bobcat harvest zone.

Bobcat harvest is distributed by allocating harvest permits to those using northern and southern management zones. According to preliminary data, 169 bobcats were harvested in the northern zone and 139 were harvested in the southern zone in 2016. Tribal harvest accounted for 30 bobcats.

“Bobcats are managed through a preference point lottery system that allows harvest by trappers and/or hunters with a permit,” said Shawn Rossler, furbearer ecologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “Harvest goals and permit levels for each management zone are evaluated annually.”