Resurfacing a catastrophe

Late last fall, Norway Township had WPA Road and South Circle Drive resurfaced by a private contractor at a cost of approximately $180,000.

This past spring, hundreds of cracks appeared throughout these roadways, which then required the county road commission to have to seal them with tar.

I would suggest that taxpayers of the township, and the county as well, take a ride on these roadways and tell me if you got your money’s worth!

A pain to return bottles, cans

It is so frustrating when a store will not accept bottles or cans for the Michigan 10 cent refund.

People are told that if the item is not sold at their location, they will not accept them because the store cannot collect from the other beverage companies.

Isn’t this a Michigan law? If we buy a beverage in Marquette, do we have to return to Marquette to get the refund?

How about if an item is purchased in Lower Michigan? Is there any store in the Upper Peninsula that accepts ALL Michigan returnables?

With all the mini-breweries popping up, getting a can or bottle refund will be a nightmare.