Too much time on their hands

What’s with people these days? Does everyone have that neighbor who feels they own the whole block but in reality only own one small lot.

So they have way too much time on their hands and feel they need change your yard? Always trying to take over your property?

It’s not even to benefit you, because all they care about is themselves. Then if they don’t get their way they get upset.

People like that need to go live out on 40 acres and mind their own business and get a life.



What a grotesque picture to have on the front page of Friday’s paper.

I’m sure there was a more appropriate picture that could have been used for Keyes Lake Summerfest.

Can’t let

cats roam

To you cat owners that let your cat out at night and roam the neighbor hood, shame on you.

You don’t deserve to have a pet if this is what you do.

Do you know where it is or what it’s doing? You should keep your cats at home and if they go out they should be put on a leash.