Crafty Flea Market

Flea Market

Sell your boat, RV, or Camper

Saturday, September 11th
9:00am – 3:00pm (cst)
Lake Antoine Park
N3393 Quinnesec Lake Road
Iron Mountain, Michigan, 49801


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Become A Vendor!

We are open for dealer set-up at 6:00 am CST. Show runs from 9:00 am CST to 3:00 pm CST. Sites must be cleared and vacated by 5:00 pm CST. We are an outdoor market, so we can’t give rain checks or refunds. Bring your own tables and chairs. You may set up a tent in your space. One vehicle per space is allowed, any other vehicles will need to be moved out of the way before the start of the market. Over-night camping is available.

$20.00 – Residents $24.00 – Non Residents

Your permit for the day is $35 if paid before June 30, 2021; $50 after. This needs to be paid before you will be able to get in and set up. THE PARK DOES NOT ALLOW PETS TO BE WALKED ON THE GROUNDS. You may have one on a leash, not to exceed six feet in length, under immediate control. They shall not create disturbance and the owner shall see to it that any mess created by the dog shall be cleaned immediately. This rule does not apply to any person using a Seeing Eye dog.

Any questions, please call Jennifer Flynn, 906-774-2772 ext. 218
or email at jflynn@ironmountaindailynews.com

1. NO PACKING UP BEFORE THE SHOW CLOSES.Please stay set-up until close of show.

2. Approved food vendors must present liability insurance.

3. The sale of guns, BB & paint guns, knives, cross bows, fireworks, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, ammo, martial arts, ivory, animals, used bedding, drug paraphernalia,and pornography is prohibited. See management for questions.

4. Gambling, drinking, swearing or acts detrimental to the good reputation of the Market will result in the seller’s permit being revoked.

5. The SELLER is responsible for CLEANING his/her own area and MUST remove all trash and unsold items.

6. No soliciting without prior permission of the Management. NO distribution of flyers, Ads, etc. without approval. This rule will be strictly enforced. Violators will have seller’s permit revoked immediately.

7. Seller agrees to accept and assume full liability for any loss or injury to himself, agents, customers, or employees at any time from any cause while on the premises of the Market.

8. Management reserves the right to assign spaces when necessary and to revoke this permit and right to sell at any time; and to refuse issuing a permit to any Vendor whose merchandise, appearance, or actions detrimental to the Good Nature of this Market. We reserve the right to revoke any seller’s permit and eject an exhibitor at our discretion.


10. To comply with any and all requirements of any federal, state or local authorities and to indemnify Management & Owners of Market from all liability.

11. Deer heads, antler mounts, hides can be sold. Antlers in velvet and spotted deer coats/mounts (fawns) cannot be sold.

No wild waterfowl or other migratory birds or parts of birds, feather, etc. can be sold. This includes all swans. Bear hides, teeth, claws can only be sold if they are part of a full body or head and shoulder. Individual bear claws used for jewelry cannot be sold.


*Subject to change without notice*


Whereas, it is necessary to establish certain rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the Dickinson County Park System for the better use and enjoyment thereof by all the citizens of the County; Now, Therefore Be it Ordained, in any County Park located within Dickinson County, it shall be unlawful:

1. To violate the 10 p.m. quiet time established for all County Parks.

2. To remove,destroy, mutilate or defaceposters, noticesigns or markers located in any County Park.

3. To usethe parks for business or commercial purposes without proper written consent.

4. To destroy, damage or remove any County property trees, shrubs, grassand any other vegetation without prior written consent.

5. To camp in other than a designated site. Any trailer or tent left in the Park which isn’t occupied and which has fees outstanding shall be towed to a storage area with any expenses of towingor storage the expense of the owner.

6. To build fires except in a designated place, such as stoves or grills.

7. To operate a self-propelled motor or mechanically driven vehicle on other than designated roads, traiis or parking lots.

8. To ride or leada horse, or other riding animal or pack animal,or any animal drawnvehicle, on roads, trailsor parking areas unless written consent isgiven or where a designated bridal path or trail exists.

9. For any person except registered campers to enter or remain in a campground, picnic area or beach area between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. unless otherwise permitted by posted notice. Campers shall not be present in a day use facility after 10 p.m,

10. To leave a non-camper vehicle in the park after 10 p.m. without the Park’s Manager’s permission. Any vehide left in violation of this rule may be towed at the owner’s expense.

11. To use a loudspeaker system or sound amplifying equipment of any kind, without proper written permission.

12. To engage in anyviolent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, wanton, obscene or otherwisedisorderly conduct, tendingto createa breach of the peace or to annoyor disturb others, or to lounge, sitor lie upon walks, passages, steps or porches which obstructs the free passage of others.

13. To be legaliy drunk or disorderly within the park.

14. To storeor leavea boat without first obtaining written permission. This provision does not apply to registered campers.

15. Forany person to havea glass containerwithin any landor water area designated as a bathing beach.

16. To deposit refuse or waste material which has originated outside a park, in receptacles provided for park users; to set fire to contents of a refuse basket or trash container or placegarbage in a fire ringor stove.

17. To operate a motorcycle, motor driven cycle, mini bike, dunemobile, snowmobile or amphibious vehicle, except if a designated trail or road exists. This rule does not apply to the caretaker who must cover the park area.

18. To allow a dog or other animal in the park except in a camping area. The dog or other animal shall not be out of the immediate camping area at any time and shall be under immediate control on a leash not to exceed six feet in length. The dog or other animal shall not create a disturbance and the owner shail see to it that any messcreated by said dog or animal shall be cleaned immediateiy. This rule does not appiy to any person using a seeing eye dog.

19. To dump or drain refuse or waste from any trailer or other vehicle within said parkexcept in receptacles or other areas provided for such use.

20. To wash clothes, clean fish or clean articles of household use at fire hydrants or at water faucets located in restrooms.

21. To discharge firearms, firecrackers, rockets, or any other fireworks within said park, except by a peace officer or other authorized personnel.

22. To swim exceptwithin a clearly designated swimming area.

23. To operate a boat of any kind or a propelled craft or beach toy within areas designated for swimming.

24. The ParksManager shall have the authority to refuse admittance to the park to anyone for good causeand to ask any person to leave the park for any violation of this Ordinance.

25. Not more than one tent or trailer, occupied by a single family or group of no more than six unrelated persons, wiil be permitted on an individual lot. No tent or trailer shall occupy more than one lot.

26. The senior responsible person, age 18 or older, must register for the campsite and occupy it.

27. Visitors must not block access to other campsites with their vehicles.

28. Camping permits must be posted where they can be readily inspected by Park staff.

29. No sub-leasing of tents or trailers is permitted.

30. This ordinance shall supersede any and all prior Park Ordinances which are herebyrepealed except for any prosecution initiated under such prior acts.

31. Any persons violating this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to the County Jail for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days and/or a fine of not to exceed $100.


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& Lake Antoine Park Partners (LAPP)