UPPCO may accept payment arrangements

ISHPEMING – Upper Peninsula Power Co. (UPPCO) reports that more than 2,700 of its customers are four months or more behind on their utility bills.

And those customers could face disconnection of their service soon unless they make payments or arrangements.

“This year, the number of customers past due is about the same but the amount they owe is slightly higher than last year,” said Jodi Formolo, spokesperson for UPPCO. “We don’t want to disconnect service to customers who are behind, but unless we come to an arrangement with them, disconnection is a good possibility.”

Formolo urged customers who are behind and have not yet contacted the utility to do so right away by calling (800) 562-7680. Customers who are having trouble paying their electric bills may qualify for assistance.

To learn more about assistance in your area and the program income guidelines please call 2-1-1. Contacting 2-1-1 will enable customers to receive information and referrals to many agencies that provide utility assistance and much more.

Customers who struggle with winter bills could choose the UPPCO Budget Billing program in which they pay an average bill monthly rather than seasonal high and low bills. UPPCO also has electronic options for payment listed on its website at www.uppco.com. Click on Your Home and Financial & Energy Assistance.

Options available include automatic monthly withdrawal from bank accounts as well as one-time payments.