Dickinson voters say yes to all millages

IRON MOUNTAIN — Dickinson County voters approved all tax proposals on Tuesday’s ballot, including a new millage to generate additional funding for the Norway-Vulcan Senior Citizen Center so it can continue operating independently from the Dickinson-Iron Community Services Agency.

But a proposal for general operation funds in Iron County’s village of Alpha narrowly failed by a vote of 21 no to 15 yes. The proposal had asked for 2.5 mills for four years to raise about $5,486 annually for the village.

The vote for the Norway-Vulcan Senior Center was 460 yes to 169 no in the city of Norway, 186 yes to 99 no in Norway Township and 156 yes to 76 no in Waucedah Township, for a total of 802 yes to 344 no. The proposal had to pass in each of the three municipalities.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled we are and grateful we are to the voters that they supported this effort,” center Director Susie Slining said this morning. “We’re also happy to see the other two (county-wide) senior millages passed; they provide things we don’t do, like meals on wheels, in-home services, Family Ties (adult day care) and transportation.”

The extra money will help the center purchase food for meals and supplies for programs, maintain the building, and pay utility bills. Slining said she also hopes to bring back dances at the center and restore hours to several center employees.

“It will take the pressure off on some of our financial concerns,” she said.

Now, taxpayers in all three municipalities will pay .5 mills, or 50 cents per $1,000 of taxable value, for four years toward just the Norway senior center, as well as .4 mills, or 40 cents per $1,000 of taxable value, for the county-wide senior center millages.

The Norway center received $34,000 this year from the county-wide millage money. It will take in about $79,957 next year from the new millage and an unknown amount from the county-wide millage.

Vote totals for approved millage renewal proposals are:

— Dickinson County enhanced 911 service, .4 mills for three years: 3,339 yes; 1,645 no.

— Dickinson County Library, .9 mills for five years: 3,165 yes; 1,815 no.

— Dickinson County senior citizen centers, .15 mills for five years: 3,572 yes; 1,373 no.

— Dickinson County senior citizen centers, .25 mills for five years: 3,226 yes; 1,697 no.

— Norway-Vulcan Area Schools operating funds, 17.9442 mills for 10 years: 767 yes; 437 no.

— Sagola Township fire service, 1 mill for two years: 214 yes; 49 no.

— Sagola Township ambulance service, .75 mills for two years: 215 yes; 49 no.

— Sagola Township road repairs, 1 mill for four years: 199 yes; 63 no.

— Breen Township road repairs, 2 mills for five years: 82 yes; 32 no.

— Breen Township fire service, 1 mill for five years: 86 yes; 29 no.