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Lacking common sense

July 22, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
You have to wonder sometime what people are thinking or not thinking in this case.

While visiting with family at a campground recently, I witnessed two things that had me very upset.

My mom and I had taken Tessa down to the small beach area to let her cool off because it was very hot that day. When we got down to the beach there was a birthday party going on. We took Tessa to the water and let her go swim for a while. Next to us there was a mother who had her baby, who was approximately six-months-old, sitting in one of those baby floats. I had to take a double take at this little baby, she was bright pink. They didn’t even have a hat on her little bald head, which was turning pinker by the minute.

I had a very hard time not saying what are you thinking lady, she was obviously sunburned. As we were there a little longer another lady from the party came came down to the water and said to the mother “did you put sunscreen on her.” The mother of the baby replied, “Oh ya, this morning. She’s not getting red from the sun now, that is from yesterday. She’s fine.” Oh and she laughed about it. Calling her, her little pink turnip.

The lady took her out of her tube and started to lather her in sunblock and then kept her in the shade. The mother didn’t even get the hint that she was not very happy with her.

I am so glad she said something because I was having a very hard time not saying something to her. The poor little thing.

Another couple from this same birthday party had a tiny puppy — weighing less than a pound and the size of my hand tiny. These “intelligent people” decide it would be funny to watch this tiny thing try to swim. Oh and not only once they kept putting her in the deep water so they could get their kicks.

The puppy was struggling to keep her head up. At this point we did say something out loud that the puppy was starting to go under and was struggling, but just looked at us as to mind our own business.

This is when we finally had enough and had to leave before we witness something happen to that poor little puppy.

These people clearly came up short in the common sense department.



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