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Finding fault in the recovery

July 31, 2013 - Jim Anderson
Charles Krauthammer is a funny guy.

The Washington Post columnist (and Fox News panelist) finds it incredible that Barack Obama should criticize the state of today’s economy.

“He’s talking as if this is the Bush economy, I don’t know, the Eisenhower economy, and he just arrived in a boat and he discovers how bad the economy is,” Krauthammer said in a recent broadcast. “This is a result of the policies he instituted. He gave us the biggest stimulus in the history of the milky way, and he said it would jump start the economy. The result has been the slowest recovery, the worst recovery since World War II, and that is the root of all of the problems he's talking about ... .”

Amusing, salient points.

Also, incomplete.

Krauthammer reaches to post-World War II to criticize the recovery. Never mind that the recession/near collapse Obama inherited was the worst since pre-World War II. Who hasn’t been painfully aware of the fragility of things since the Bush administration “panic” bailouts of 2008?

When, exactly, did that wound heal? Or should Obama have trusted in a rebirth of the economy even as more of it tanked?

Now, as some Republicans repeatedly shake the world by threatening to default on the national debt ... that’s an Obama initiative?

It’s the Obama economy, yes.

It’s the obstructionist Republican/Cayman Islands tax shelters//corporate crime economy, too.

We can go round and round on economic theory for generations — and probably will.

In the meantime, if they can't agree on anything else, maybe Obama, Krauthammer and Congress could take a swipe at abusive tax shelters and widespread corporate crime — or try explaining why any of it should be tolerated.



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