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Always on the ball

October 23, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
Discussing the time change, a friend asks the obvious question no one dares ask: Why do we change our clocks?

After some investigation, the long answer is the time change idea was first proposed in 1784 by 78-year-old Benjamin Franklin as a way of saving candles. It was refined by railroad companies when each community along rail lines decided to have their own set time. The confusion was potentially catastrophic until the railroad barons got together and organized time zones.

Finally, in March 1918, Congress approved the time zones and the switch to daylight saving time to conserve fuel for the World War I effort.

And so, the short answer to the time change question is: because government tells you to.

Just another example of how people mindlessly accept outdated government regulations. They hate it, don’t understand the justification, but cannot change it.

Be careful what you allow government to do.

I’m intrigued by the reaction to the government shutdown. There’s merriment in the bowels of bureaucracy now. No matter what happens, they have an excuse.

Alert. Alert. The beginning of the tax filing season, which had been set to start Jan. 21, must be moved back because of...the government shutdown.

Alert. Alert. Your income tax refund will be late because of...the government shutdown.

Alert Alert. The job market report will be delayed because of...the government shutdown.

Alert Alert. October's employments gains will be lower because of cutbacks at government contractors and...the government shutdown.

Honestly, folks, does the government need an excuse to operate in slow motion?

Not President Obama. He’s always on the ball. People were having problems signing up on the Obamacare website so he had his techies put phone numbers the website's home page.

Telephone numbers on a website, who would have thought. It took him just three weeks to think of that.




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