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Recovering from Black Friday

November 29, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
Has everyone recovered from their Thanksgiving feast and Black Friday shopping. I should be back to normal in — oh, about a week — OK maybe not quit that long, but a few days anyway.

Each year I put myself through this so call “ritual” of going out, after being totally exhausted from cooking for approximately 25 people, and fight the crazy crowds for the so called “best deals.” Why? Not sure why? Just that it’s our little family “ritual.”

This year I only had a hand full of items on my list, but still decided to go out on Thanksgiving night and “fight” for the best deals. My brother even got up from his nap to go get those deals.

Every year we go I think gets worse and worse. Maybe its because everyone is watching money so close and want to make their dollars stretch. What ever it is, it’s just craziness.

I witnessed a guy swearing at I believe his mother on the other end of the cell phone trying to locate her in the store because this person was stuck in the boys clothing department with large items and no basket to put them in. Not a very happy camper let me tell you. Sister yelling at each other for not getting the right items. Girlfriends “flipping out” on their boyfriends for apparently not getting her to the store on time to get her item she wanted. And of course the typical fighting to get their merchandise after the department store employee is unwrapping them. And the list goes on and on.

I didn’t make it as long as year’s past, but witnessed enough.

One store’s line was so long we decided that the few dollars that we were saving wasn’t worth staying in line for more than an hour. We lucked out when we were ditching our items, a nice family member who was already in line offered to make the purchase for us. I so wish the stores could figure out something to make these events go a little smoother.

I’m sure we will be out doing the same again next year. And wondering why we put ourselves through it.



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