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Shut up and drive

December 11, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
Honestly, this is a true story. I couldn’t make this one up.

A group of us are busy working on stories and laying out pages here in The Daily News newsroom. As usual, our police scanner radio is broadcasting the customary minor accidents, traffic stops and police calls.

Two of the calls stand out on this particular afternoon.

First, a call comes in from a member of the “cellphone police” that someone is drinking wine while sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle in a store parking lot. This culprit then drives away. Luckily, they get the vehicle description, and license plate number of this vicious criminal.

Later, the real police track down the suspect and check it out. The “cellphone police” caller must have been the one who was drinking. The driver was stone sober, and there were no open containers.

Not much later, another helpful member of the “cellphone police” reports drunk driver, this time with children in the vehicle. Once again, the real police take time to sweep the area for the lawbreaker, only to find that everyone in the vehicle, including the children, are sober as judges.

Meanwhile, real police work is being ignored while officers stalk imaginary criminals.

For Heaven’s sake folks, do you people have nothing better to do than to send our police agencies on wild goose chases?

Here’s a tip the “cellphone police” can really use. When you get in your car, take ahold of your cell phone and engage the “Off” app.

Then, shut up and drive.



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