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Insurance headaches

May 1, 2014 - Marguerite Lanthier
My car is finally getting fixed. It’s only been since Jan. 24 but some of the reasons for the delay are my fault. They told me it would take several weeks to get the police report so I waited to call back. I should’ve called sooner. When I did call back, a different person told me it would be better if I got the report myself and faxed it over, which I did. Once they got the report, things went fairly fast. Someone called me and told me they would check to see if the other person’s insurance would cover my deductible and he told me to get an estimate. Then he went on vacation. (I don’t think it was a permanent one but I haven’t talked to him since.) Once I got the estimate, I didn’t hear if it was approved until I called back. I scheduled the appointment last week for this past Monday and the work is finally underway. The check came Saturday. Someone at my insurance sent the paperwork to the other person’s insurance so I could get the deductible paid, but wrong paperwork was received. I called back to straighten all that out, or so I thought. Called back again today to check the status and found out it went to the wrong person, but the person on the phone assured me she would take care of it. Hopefully it will happen soon. The loaner vehicle is nice. It’s an Nissan Altima with a push button start and I had to read the manual to figure how to start it. I’m a little afraid to drive it at night because I don’t want to hit any deer so I’m really looking forward to getting my own car back.



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