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Remembering the dread and excitement of starting school

September 19, 2016 By DANIEL J. PAUL For The Daily News “School days, school days, good ol’fashion rule days!” Usually, by mid-August I would be awakened by my father singing this song around 7 a.m. every da. more »»


‘Northbound’ to start second season thanks to donations

September 24, 2016 Bouquet From Jason Hagen, producer of the series, “Northbound:” Our team is happy to announce that we have successfully funded the first half of “Northbound” Season 2 on the crowd-funding website... more »»


Now it’s time for Trump

September 29, 2016 Now that all of my inside-the-beltway, elitist, morally superior friends and colleagues have weighed in with their self-righteous denunciations of Donald Trump, it’s my tur. more »»

Letters to the Editor

Reasons to worry about Trump’s ties to Russia

September 2, 2016 EDITOR: Where’s Senator “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy and The House Un-American Activities Committee when you need them, now that “1040 Trump” has become a pseudo-agent of influence for Russia,... more »»


Hillary Clinton channels Nixon

September 8, 2016 One wouldn’t think Hillary Clinton and former President Richard Nixon would have a lot in common, but in responding to FBI investigators that she “could not recall any briefing or training by State... more »»

Letters to the Editor

Supports LaFave for state House

September 14, 2016 EDITOR: This November, the people of Dickinson, Delta and Menominee counties will have to decide who will represent them in Lansing. The voter needs to know some cold, hard facts. more »»


When did it become a liability to be sick?

September 15, 2016 WASHINGTON — She didn’t want to say she was sick. Hillary Clinton, that is, who recently has suffered coughing fits followed Sunday by a near collapse during New York’s 9/11 memorial ceremony. more »»

Letters to the Editor

Senior center seeks hands for pasties

September 16, 2016 EDITOR: The Breen Senior Center needs pasty makers — once a month, on a Saturday. It’s a good chance for students to earn credit for community service and get a lesson on food preparation as well. more »»



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Burt Angeli

Scuttle Leftovers, Sept. 3, 2016

September 3, 2016 ScuttleBu(r)t ... From Bill Murray’s Twitter account: “I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I'll let you know.” .. more »

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