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All in the name of religion

February 7, 2015 The other day President Obama made a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. in his speech he condemned those who seek to use religion as a rationale for carrying out violence against others. more »»

Source of life

February 6, 2015 EDITOR, We humans think we are smart. We cannot build our own house and gather all our food, which birds can do. But we think we are superior to bird. more »»

In closed session

February 6, 2015 EDITOR, The DICSA Governing Board has scheduled their monthly DICSA Finance Committee Meeting for Wednesday, Feb. 11, at 10 a.. more »»

Serious concerns

February 5, 2015 EDITOR, I believe in supporting our president, but sometimes I just can’t. Case in point: the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). more »»

Those days are over

February 4, 2015 EDITOR, “Michigan’s Right to Work Law” is in effect. In other words, Michigan has passed a Right to Work Law. It was passed in 2013. more »»

U.P. Pink Power

February 3, 2015 EDITOR: This is an informational letter for businesses and individuals so they can become aware of U.P. Pink Power and what it is. U.. more »»

A grain of salt

February 2, 2015 EDITOR, If you tell a lie, and others tell the same lie with such assurance as to eliminate any doubt, soon people will believe it — but it’s still a lie. An example: “This is a center right country. more »»

I found this hard to believe

January 31, 2015 A 12-year-old leaves a jacket at a middle school dance on a Friday night and goes to school Monday to look for it and can’t find anything in the lost and found. more »»

A lack of credibility

January 30, 2015 EDITOR, On Jan. 16, 2015 the Wall Street Journal had an article entitled “ The IRS is not here to help you.” Hard to believe but the IRS says its customer service is about to get wors. more »»

Turn from your wicked ways

January 29, 2015 EDITOR, Some reading this will have experienced what I am about to describe and others who haven’t please use your imagination. more »»

Tobacco control

January 28, 2015 EDITOR, State leaders should make science-based tobacco control programming a focus in Michigan. more »»

If we are united

January 27, 2015 EDITOR, One of the oldest ways to govern people through the years is divide and conquer. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently pulled this off with his union-busting work. more »»

Message to Lansing

January 26, 2015 EDITOR, This is in reference to the article on page one of the Daily News on Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 3-4, 2015, “Wender chairs county board. more »»

Predicted they would lose

January 24, 2015 Although I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I predicted they would lose their game against the Seattle Seahawks when they went for a field goal rather than a touchdown early in the first quarte. more »»

LSSU has a lot to offer

January 23, 2015 EDITOR, Since my wife Teresa and I moved from Wisconsin to Sault St. more »»

Trying to figure out

January 22, 2015 EDITOR, After a two week wait, I was able to receive minutes of our county board meeting on Dec. 8, 2014. They were on four legal size paper. more »»

Drink the sand

January 21, 2015 EDITOR, This letter is in response to a letter in the Escanaba Daily Press that claims that Senator Tom Casperson along with Representative McBroom sponsored an anti-environmental bill (SB 78). more »»

Walk for Life

January 20, 2015 EDITOR, Have you seen the movie “Selma”? It’s a highly regarded new release that was just nominated for Best Picture. The story focuses on Martin Luther King, Jr. more »»

Can’t afford to be poor

January 17, 2015 This is in reference to the gas tax article on Friday, Jan. . more »»

Wealth at the top

January 15, 2015 EDITOR, A recent news article (Escanaba Daily Press, Jan 12, 2015, p.5A) which states that Benishek backs restoring the 40 hour work week is significantly misleading. more »»



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