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A trillion seconds

March 12, 2012
The Daily News

EDITOR:The topic of my letter should be of interest to all, as it relates to the magnitude of our national debt. I will ask the readers of this letter a one-question quiz and the answer will be at the end of the end of my letter.

There are 86,400 seconds in a 24-hour day. How many years will it take to make a trillion seconds?

Our debt is an incomprehensible 14 to 15 trillion dollars and rising. I wish our wonderful wizards in Washington would wake up and take some serious action and not just raise the debt limit again. That's not going to solve the problem; it's only going to put if off for the future generations to fix.

Drastic measures are needed. Of course, nobody wants their benefits or programs cuts, etc. The Bush and Obama administrations' profligate spending has caused our debt to skyrocket.

I was critical of the Iraq War and that alone has cost us a trillion dollars.

The industrial-military complex has to be cut back and many of our entitlement programs seem insupportable.

What will happen to the value of our dollar and the rate of inflation, etc., if action isn't taken soon? The old-timers used the expression "As sound as a dollar" but I don't hear it now.

As a child of the '20s and raised in the "30s, the recession now doesn't compare at all to those hard times. If we are to become solvent and leave our future generations something of value, we will all have to help bear the burden.

Extreme cuts are needed, taxes will have to be raised, and when you read the answer to my question, I hope many of you will agree.

The answer is 31,688 years to make a trillion seconds. Are you surprised? Amazed? A trillion is a huge amount.

Some of our TV shows and newspapers take the deficit almost as a joke, but I think it is a serious problem. Do you?

Carl P. Sauter

Hurley, Wis.



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