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We need to cut back

October 10, 2012
The Daily News


This is in reply to "Why I wasn't invited" on Oct. 2.

Just because Romney said 47 percent of Americans won't vote for him because they see themselves as victims and unwilling to take personal responsibility does not mean he was lumping into this group all working families, students, military personal, serving in combat zones, people with disabilities or senior citizens.

He specifically said "people who see themselves as victims and unwilling to take personal responsibility."

How the Democrats can spin that to make Romney look like he said something he didn't say isn't new. The truth is, there are lots of those kinds of people. I see and hear about them all the time.

I say, if the shoe fits, put it on. If it doesn't fit why are you whining? What are you personally doing to help someone in need so they don't need to rely on the government?

What Romney said did not upset me because I have not depended on the government from the cradle to the grave like those he was referring to. I have always paid my bills, donated my time to help others and give monetarily to help others in need. We even managed to purchase our cemetery lots, headstone and a prepaid funeral so our children will have less to do when God calls us home.

My husband and I are both senior citizens living in our own home and together we receive $318 in Social Security monthly. We live within our means and firmly believe it's not what you have but what you do with what you have.

I have always trusted my Lord who promises to never leave me or forsake me. All the money in the world can not buy the peace God gives me.

We all know we can not continue to spend more than we have or we will have bad credit, pay higher interest on loans, insurance, etc. and eventually go bankrupt.

So why do people think our government is any different? We are already $16 trillion in debt, so we need to cut back in our spending. Yet if it affects your income you get angry with the person who voted for the cutback.

I do not want to leave the generations after me a huge debt because I was too selfish to live on less.

I grew up in an America that honored God, ask for God's blessing, was truly a land of the brave and the free. Where families usually took care of their own from cradle to grave.

Social Security tax was two cents on a dollar. (Now its 16 cents on a dollar.) Candy bars were 5 cents, pop 5 cents and a dollar then bought more than $10 does today.

Medicare didn't begin until 1966 and we did manage 190 years without it and without all the other government handouts President Johnson started, and other Democrat presidents added to.

All these have brought the USA to the brink of bankruptcy and unrest, closer to being governed by the U.N. or taken captive by another country.

If you are not taking personal responsibility to stop this freight train of total corruption by voting Republican then perhaps you're part of the 47 percent Mitt Romney said wouldn't vote for him.

He did not say he wouldn't care about them. That's another Democrat spin. Republicans believe in the traditional American concept of life that emphasizes work, duty, morality, success, and a strong military.

Mary Dixon




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