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Playing king of the hill

October 11, 2012
The Daily News


Mitt Romney deserves an Oscar for his acting performance at the first presidential debate. And acting it was.

Romney changes his platform as often as a chameleon changes color, depending upon whom he is talking to. After all the rhetoric of the primaries and after all his campaign speeches, he suddenly is now caring about the middle class. He even empathized with the jobless, though he ignored the fact that it was Republican policies like his which caused our economic collapse in the first place.

Has he suddenly abandoned his former position of everything for the rich and to heck with the poor? You'd better believe that he hasn't.

If so, why did he pick Paul Ryan as his running mate and endorse Ryan's extreme slash and burn policies favoring the rich? At least Ryan is honest about where he stands, draconian as it is.

What about all the promises Romney made to the Republican Party and to his campaign financiers? They will expect payback for sponsoring him.

He made a lot of rash promises he can't possibly keep. He would cut taxes, pay off the deficit, increase military spending, and give tax breaks to big corporations, (whom he claims will create jobs, though that hasn't happened in the past.)

All of this while not adding a penny to the national debt. How is he going to pay for all this? He didn't say or doesn't know.

He says he won't cut education, yet he would cut government in half, including education. He would gut Medicare and send Medicaid back to the states, though history has proven that some states can't or won't take care of their poor and vulnerable. That is why Medicaid was created in the first place.

He insists on increasing military spending, even though the Pentagon doesn't want or need it. From his posturing on foreign policy, it sounds like he is planning on using this increased military power. Like a big and better war, perhaps? Bombs and bombers are more important than feeding hungry kids. They also cost a lot of money.

Playing king of the hill is a childish game. There are already too many in the world who want to be king of the hill. That is not a game the United States should be playing. If we seek trouble in that way, we will surely find it, as we have in the past.

Give Romney his Oscar, but we need a president we can trust.

Arlene Flom

Iron Mountain



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