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Bullying doesn’t sit right

October 11, 2012
The Daily News


It's not enough to be honest yourself these days; we must help others with all their ways. "Else they'll come after your Great Granny, Veteran's Widow too."

When most of my friends hit the fair weather trail, anger helped me prevail.

I have tremors and can barely sign my name. As stated by Leo Madow, "Anger is an energy. It cannot be destroyed or forgotten. It has to be converted."

I converted my anger into a book, to be called, Give No Grief and Take No Crap, because nobody has any right to make one feel fearful in America. I am not fated to unhappiness.

When one comes after me, using hot air bully tactics, I stand up and fight; against people trying to milk me.

As a 73 year old, senior citizen and veteran's widow I realize that first our forefathers and then brave veterans (men and women) fought harm to establish our liberty.

But ruthless people still try to egregiously walk on sick old people today.

Even if I lost this battle against a shameful tide at least I tried.

A few gracious moral people helped me. Those, I thank very much. On judgment day, they will be greeted and welcomed into the Pearly Gates Apartment Complex incorporated; because of their high moral standards they will be welcomed.

For many years (Kings of The Mountain), flew their balloon filled hot air high. But eventually it fell from the sky. I won.

Let this ring true in our Yooper country land.

When anyone says to you "in a threatening way" this the way we do things around here, it's just hot air by a bully, making up his own laws.

With this pen in my hand, I shall stand guard as long as I can; turning my other cheek countless times has given me a strong backbone.

And I say we'll see, we'll see because bullying doesn't sit right with me at my age of 73.

During the hard bartering times I was taught one's reputation precedes them and Christian morals were enforced by my daddy's hand. No bullying school did I attend.

I graduated from Norway High School in 1957 three months before my veteran daddy died. As his so called Iron Baby, I forged on with much appreciated help and continued believing in the American flag, baking apple pies, and raising our children all the while taking care of my widowed mother.

Bent from life's burdens one must not stay, remember tomorrow is another day. Also no matter how rich or poor one is, our liberties are law in America.

The men and women of our families fought abroad to keep us free from bad here at home.

But beware "stand up" and stand your ground and cherish good ways. The meek shall inherit the earth. Will it be worth inheriting? If there's a will there is a way to keep our land safe and free.

Society in the past used the rock salt blunder buster method.

But all wars will soon become something of the past hopefully.

The majority laws in America are a good start, let's stay on that path, knowing right from wrong is a good basic plan. Be beneficent to your fellow man, not greedy, because what goes around comes around.

So say I in lily white Yooper talk, and I pray it rings true.

No part of this story is fiction and perhaps our state representatives could sponsor from a petition an anti-bullying law for senior citizens in the state of Michigan.

Presently there is no such law, although there is one for children, thank heavens.

Doris Kasper Lobner




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