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Weak and Weaker

October 15, 2012
The Daily News


I've been getting political phone calls all day long that are recorded messages.

What an insult. Haven't the incumbents realized that we are paying their wages and they should be listening to us?

We have two major presidential candidates. I'll call them Weak and Weaker.

I can't decide who is which.

I would like to know why American workers are being forced to compete with the Chinese on their terms? Shouldn't there be a law that any Chinese firm that wants to do business in the U.S. has to pay their workers the same wage and give them the same benefits as U.S. companies?

It would raise their standard of living and help our work force as well by staying competitive.

I see where two underlings under Eric Holder resigned as a result of the investigation about gun running in Arizona/Mexico. Isn't Holder getting paid big bucks and huge benefits to know what his deputies are doing?

He should be tossed out the door along with them. Maybe major penalties are in order here.

Congress did us the big favor of repealing the Glass-Steagall legislation. Repealing let the banks run amok and they still are. It was a big factor in the collapse of our economy and the notorious "bailout" with taxpayer Tarp funds. You know, the funds that bankers helped themselves to $1.6 billion for their bonuses.

I hear the total bailout came to around $13 trillion. Is your favorite candidate talking about consumer protection and saying they will support the election of Elizabeth Warren?

She pretty much formed the Consumer Protection Agency. But when it came time for her appointment as head of that agency the Republicans blocked it. Now they are fighting her candidacy for Senate big time.

Then we have the Libor scandal which shows how the biggest international banks have been bilking us for years. Any candidates talking about sending bankers to prison? That would have a big impact on the financial world.

How about reining in the lobbyists? Maybe prison is appropriate there, too.

Will your congressmen tell you if the goal of our government is to expand the role of that inept organization the TSA to a national police force?

They don't like the fact that a certain Arizona sheriff is enforcing the law. But the TSA can remove an 18-month-old child from a plane along with her parents cause she was on a "no fly list"?

Parents missed flights, had to reschedule, missed work because some numbskull wouldn't say forget it there is an obvious mistake.

This is the TSA that was on the highways in Tennessee. Our congressmen said they were protecting our airports because of 9/11. When I asked what the connection to highway trucks was they replied "thank you for your continued interest."

Speaking of budget cuts, what is the budget of the TSA? How come the lawsuit against the National Defense Authorization Act, which is the greatest threat to the American citizen in history, even worse than Bush's Patriot Act, isn't in American newspapers?

I read about it in the British papers. Every American should be screaming about the NDAA and how it makes us all potential "enemies of the state."

Why the secrecy?

James O. Rye

Crystal Falls



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