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The best technology?

November 10, 2012
The Daily News

Are we, as a country, making use of the best technology available to run, and tabulate, an election?

We believe the question a fair one after a number of glitches across the nation slowed polling results this week. But let's forget other locations, and instead just focus on our region of Northeast Michigan.

Yet again this election, as has been the case often in recent years with other elections, a glitch here and a glitch there impacted results from being released until much later than anticipated.

This week's problems impacted results in Alpena and Presque Isle counties particularly, although in past years the problems have occurred elsewhere. And, across northern Michigan as a whole results were problematic at best, as evidence by the 1st Congressional race whose outcome was not known until well into Wednesday morning.

We understand problems are going to arise.

One would think, however, technology would exist today to make problems minimal at best, if not eliminate their chances to less than 1 percent.

Nothing is more important to democracy than a fair and accurate election process. We would think technology is such today that results could be tabulated quickly, accurately and error-free.

Otherwise we're no better than Florida, heaven forbid.

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