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The natural consequences

November 26, 2012
The Daily News


Now that President Obama has been granted a second term, Speaker John Boehner has declared that Obamacare is "the law of the land." It is now close to impossible to repeal.

Liberal parasites love this, naturally, but business owners do not - naturally.

Conservatives warned of the consequences of such a law as Obamacare, but liberals wouldn't hear any of it. They want something, but they don't understand the natural consequences of that thing. They don't comprehend the personal responsibility or how business works.

One of the aspects of Obamacare is that businesses with 50 or more employees will be required to buy health care for their employees who work 30 hours or more per week. "Kind of a low number there, I'd love to work only 30 hours and be get full time benefits." There is a natural consequence to this; namely, that this costs businesses money.

CEOs are in the business to make money, as much as they can. Increasing their company's income usually includes increasing the size of their business. Improving their business generally means hiring more workers, investing more money in property, and paying more in taxes. None of this cannot be done without making a profit.

So what's a CEO to do?

Take Papa John's Pizza founder and CEO John Schnatter. He calculates that the new health care law will essentially add 11 to 14 cents to the cost of a pizza. Not much on a per pizza basis, but if you multiply that buy the millions of pizzas he sells each day, that's a ton of money.

So if he wishes not to lose money, he has to raise the cost of his pizza, fire a bunch of people, or reduce their hours to part-time. This is the part where liberals don't understand. It's called inflation, remember that from the 1970s and 1980s, gas lines and home mortgage rates above 18 percent?

How do you feel about the price of oil and gas?

Gasoline has doubled since President Obama was first elected. That's inflation, it affects everything you purchase, not just the fuel you need to drive, everything.

Now back to Papa John's, the company is a private entity, not a public charity. It is a business, and like all businesses it must now make a business decision about how to deal with the burden that is Obamacare.

There is presently a liberal campaign to boycott Papa John's for their actions.

Now think about that - people are boycotting a business for trying to stay in business.

This is completely senseless - like that won't affect jobs.

This is the foolishness that we conservatives have to deal with - liberals who think that having health insurance creates more better health care.

With this logic, shouldn't every business owner allot each employee his own personal nurse to stand by his side at all hours on the clock? It doesn't get much healthier than that, "I 'd love to have a doctor and/or nurse follow me around to be at my beckon call. With my luck, I'd get 'Nurse Mildred Ratched.'"

Any business that enacted such a policy would surely be booming, right?

Hiring all those personal health care folks won't bankrupt the company at all, right?

The demand for doctors and nurses would be very high. So does that mean we will have nurses following nurses and doctors following doctors? Kind of weird, right?

Our federal government is trillions of dollars in debt, while trying to maintain entitlements and social spending here and abroad.

Liberals just don't understand, every action has a complete and opposite reaction. If you raise the cost of production, prices will also rise or jobs will be lost to offset the increased costs.

By the way, Jon Stewart called John Schnatter an "a**hole" for being a fiscal responsible corporate manager.

Oh really? Then what would you call a politician that coerces people to buy whatever product the government dictates?

Mark Wiederrecht

Iron Mountain



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