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They need doctors

December 11, 2012
The Daily News


This is a story about our visit to the After Hours Clinic.

For a month my friend had been coughing up phleum and blood, I thought it was time to see a doctor or someone who I thought knew what they were doing.

He registered at the After Hours Clinic explaining the symptoms he was having. It started with a cough then turned into coughing up blood, shortness of breath, after he got on the scale weight loss was added.

I haven't been to nursing school, I'm not a doctor but I'm smart enough to know if someone is coughing up blood X-rays should have been ordered.

I was shocked when he came out and said they told him he probably had allergies and gave him a script for Mucinex which you can OTC.

They told him to come back in four to seven days if he wasn't feeling better.

I knew this wasn't right so the next morning I called my family doctor and explained to her what was happening. She saw him right away and ordered X-rays. When she got the results she ordered a cat scan the next day.

When the results of the cat scan came back he had pneumonia and a large dark spot on his upper left lung. He has an appointment for a biopsy, brain scan and a pet scan.

So much for allergies.

I am furious, and they haven't heard the last of this. What if this was an infant sent home and died? I called the hospital and explained what took place, they need doctors in there not nurse practioneers who don't know what their doing, but if I was seeing him the first thing I would order is x-rays.

Donna Wickman




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