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Deterring the event

December 24, 2012
The Daily News


Attention school administrators, Michigan Update: SB59 provides for an "Enhanced CPL" which will allow CPL holders who undergo 9 hours of additional training (NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, or Defensive Pistol) to carry concealed in current Pistol Free Zones.

Two of the many pistol free zones are schools and school property. This is not the first time that this has been proposed. This time it passed the House and Senate. The governor vetoed it on December 18. The House and Senate may have enough votes to override his veto.

Should this bill pass, individuals that have received a high standard of training (minimum of 17 hours) and passed and extensive background check will be allowed to carry concealed firearms in your halls. I realize that this may seem like a very bad idea. Please take the time to read this letter in its entirety and with an open mind. I see this as more of an opportunity to solve a problem that has plagued our country long enough.

Criminals are always looking for an easy target: schools, the food court at the mall, place of worship, college campuses. Ask yourself what all these locations have in common. They have all restricted law abiding and trained individuals from carrying a self-defense firearm. In the training industry we like to refer to them as "Victim Zones." Now take the time to ask yourself why spree killers do not enter a police station or a sportsmen's club and start shooting. The answer is simple: they might incur physical pain by the hands of an equally armed individual.

What I am proposing is simple. I am offering to train any teacher or school staff in Dickinson County in not only the basic Michigan CPL class, but in the advanced course also. I am offering this free of charge. Many of your staff have already attended our basic concealed carry course over the past years. I am only asking you to allow the staff that I trust with the security of my child to have the tools to provide such security should they see fit.

Now I do understand that this kind of training is not for everyone. It is not acceptable to require your staff to carry a firearm. However, as that criminal stands in your parking lot making their decision to enter or not, the fact that there may be people in that building with the tools and the resolve to stop them, may deter the event altogether. I think we can all agree deterring the event is our absolute goal. If we get to the point of defense instead of deter we have already lost, it is just a matter of how much.

As proof of this fact I submit the data from two states: Maryland and Virginia. Virgina passed their concealed carry law and upon its passing their violent crime rates started a steady decline. The state of Maryland, who borders Virginia, showed an increase in violent crime proportional to the decline of Virginia's rate. When given the choice, violent criminals would rather cross the river and carry out their crime in an area that does not allow the people the right of self-defense. The state of Maryland at the time did not allow the carrying of concealed firearms for defense.

I would enforce strict confidentiality with any of your staff should they choose to attend a course. My training team would be more than happy to put on private courses for your staff to ensure this. Knowing that there are trained and armed defenders on the grounds is more as a deterrent than knowing specifically who they are.

Please consider this idea. I know it may seem radical, but these are radical times. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Each member of your staff takes great pride in treating our children like their own. This is one of the greatest pillars of your school. I trust them enough to care for, train, guide, and defend, my child. I know that they care. They have all the books, computers, and tools to train and guide them. I would very much like to see them have the option to carry the tools to defend them.

Should you like to discuss this in person I will make myself available at your convenience. I would prefer to train any member of your staff myself and that is one of the main reasons that I am offering this free of charge. All our instructors agreed to donate time and materials. It means that much to us to assist you in providing safety to the future of our county. Until a child feels safe learning cannot take place. We would like to assist you in doing your job.

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Erickson


Use of Deadly Force Instructor

Bullseyes to Badguys

(Submitted on Wednesday, Dec. 19)



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