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Gets their full support

December 28, 2012
The Daily News


During his television appearance while discussing the terrible mass shooting in Connecticut, President Obama continually wiped away non-existent tears from his eyes. Not one tear was evident. During Fast and Furious, did he worry about the deaths of our border control agents or the Mexicans who were murdered? Did he even pretend to shed a tear over the murders in Libya of our Ambassador and Navy Seals?

His response to the Connecticut massacre is immediate gun control. The dream of all tyrants is total gun control. Obama's dream is and always has been to follow the U.N. objective of total gun control. He wants a tyrannical dictatorship. Remember, the only means of resisting tyrannical dictatorship is an armed citizenry.

By FBI statistics, firearms are used 2 million times a year to prevent crimes. The Department of Health and Human Services reports that there are 120,000 deaths per year caused by medical malpractice. Is there a call for doctor control?

Let's consider the huge Hollywood industry's videos and movies depicting mass violence and the killing without remorse by unshaven, Hollywood heros. Why is the blame for the motivation of violence never placed here? Obama gets their full support as well as millions from them.

F. Paul Jensen




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