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Sleight of Hand

Phillip Margolin legal thriller

March 11, 2013
By REGINA M. ANGELI - Books Writer , The Daily News

Phillip Margolin, master of the courtroom drama, has another legal thriller

"Sleight of Hand." (Harper, 309 pages)

Criminal defense attorney Charles Benedict is dubbed the magician, both

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for his skills as an amateur illusionist and his way of aiding his clients escape conviction.

In what should have been a slam dunk case for the prosecution, Benedict used his sleight of hand to magically make the defendant's cocaine

packet disappear in the midst of a drug trial.

Chief Prosecutor Carrie Blair suspects Benedict of foul play both in and out of the courtroom as she believes he used a date rape drug on her. When Carrie Blair turns up missing, suspicion rests on her wealthy, estranged husband, Horace, who is arrested for murder.

With amazing skill, the diabolically clever attorney Charles Benedict secures employment as the accused husband's legal counsel, virtually ensuring that he will never be arrested for the crime of murder.

But private investigator Dana Cutler and detective Frank Santoro are not convinced of the husband's guilt and they set out to trap a most clever villain - a criminal defense attorney with a magician's powers of deception and an assassin's ability to kill.

The villain, Charles Benedict, is more than the stereotypical sleazy lawyer, he is a deadly psychopath.

With the skill of a magician, Phillips Margolin grabs his reader's imagination in this clever crime story.

"Sleight of Hand" is scheduled for release April 9th, 2013.



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