Bass Festival winners announced

CRYSTAL FALLS — The Crystal Falls Lions Club has announced winners at the 2018 Bass Festival —


Commercial — First, Green Cliffs; second, Crystal Lumber; third, TJ’s Sport.

Theme — First, Christ United Methodist Church; second, Iron Endurance; third, Crystal Falls Girl Scout Troop 5464.

Comedy — First, Elvis K1; second, Ben Franklin; third, Class of ’68.

Canoe Race:

Men — First, Nick Baumgartner and Colten LaChapelle; second, Herby and Rodney Nylund; third, Kyle LaVacque and Jacob Siler.

Women — First, Anna Cornelia and Andee Lortie; second, Emily Stroka, Jimmy Pacer and Isziah Walker; third, Krista Gustafson and Gary Friestrom.

Drawing winners — $1,000, Shelby Johnson, New Berlin, Wis.; $500, Nancy Woelffer, Crystal Falls; $400, Robin Marchildon, Caspian; $225, Kathy Zyble, Marquette; $150, Janet Conners, Sagola; $100, Joy Stachowicz, Crystal Falls; $50, Margaret Minerick, Sagola; $50, Kim Mastie, Crystal Falls; $50, Brian Broznowski, Iron River; $50, Mark Dennis; $50, Jenny Olson, Crystal Falls; $50, Harry Robbe, Crystal Falls; $50, Pete Vendal, Kalamazoo; $50, Bob Wloszczynski, Crystal Falls; $50, Christy Conners, Sagola; $50, Filip Martin, Phoenix, Ariz.

Kayak winners — Eric Kushion, Crystal Falls, and Tom Nash, Iron Mountain.

Volleyball — First, Infield Bar; second, Diver Down; third, Polich.

Baby contest — King, Dennis Gustafson, 15 months old; prince, Cash Bartczak, 6 months; queen, Freya Nantelle, 1 year; princess, Jules Dennocenzo, 7 months.

Fishing contest — Smallmouth bass, first, Ed Pepin; largemouth bass, first, Bob Damske.