Golden K makes donation to Bay Cliff Health Camp

The Golden K donates to seven different charities each year. Kirk Olson, left, Golden K member, presents a donation to Mike Bennett on behalf of Bay Cliff Health Camp.

KINGSFORD — The daffodils are in full bloom and tulips are getting ready to show off their profusion of colors announcing that spring is here. Time to get the lawn mowers readied as the grass is also showing signs of stretching upwards and turning a rich green.

With such energy coming along with the change of seasons also shows in the return of the snowbirds. As the Golden K gathered Monday morning their happiness to be together was evident in the conversations that floated around the tables.

Don Pedo opened the business meeting leading the group. The Welcome song was sung for guest Mike Bennett. Happy Dollars shared for Mike who was able to fill in for his brother Tim, Jim Verrette was happy to help his grandson attend college in New Zealand, Dorleen and Vance Uhazie were happy to see their grandson direct music for a play at Lawrence University on Easter Sunday. Aggie Cavaini was happy for Gary who just got the neck brace off and it’s a safe bet he was happy also. However, Diane Aune had the biggest smile of all as she won the 50/50 drawing.

As any good brother would do, Mike Bennett took over the program duties for his brother, Tim. Brother Tim was busy at Bay Cliff camp as some Northern Michigan football players had volunteered to help with clean-up and maintenance at the camp, getting things ready for the summer campers. Mike, after some fussing and calling in expert tech help was ready to present a video of the Bay Cliff camp experience to the Golden K.

Bay Cliff Health Camp is a non-profit, nondenominational summer therapy center licensed by the Department of Social Services for children who need physical, occupational, speech, vision or hearing therapy. Children from pre-primary age to late teens are served by the camp. The children come to camp with many different needs. They meet with skilled instructors, therapists and always a great team of volunteers all geared to meet the needs of each child. Programs scheduled give the camper skills such as time management, hygiene, safety awareness helping these people address the daily life activities. There are many special occasion days planned during their camping weeks. A parade, birthday party, prom all designed for fun along with learning.

Bay Cliff is all about “Building a Bridge” to help individuals live a full life. When a parent drops their child off and prepares to leave it is a scary time for both but it does not take long for the Bay Cliff Staff to get these kids settled in and moving into their programs.

There is always work to do and then comes the fun times. Returning to pick up that child who didn’t stand or walk before greets his/her parent walking or the one who never spoke and greets his parent with “hi dad” tells the story of the success of Bay Cliff .

Bay Cliff has helped many students concentrate on doing what they can do not on what they cannot do. Scholarships help build bridges to educational opportunities. Endowments play a big part in funding programs at the camp and the drawing for a Harley is a popular fundraiser including some Golden Kers who bought a ticket. Will we see one of these seniors riding one Monday morning riding in on their “new” bike. Who knows.

Take a Sunday or any day drive up to Big Bay and see this Camp for yourself, you will be amazed at what has developed from 1934 to present because of two ladies who had a dream.

The Golden K will meet Monday, May 1, at the First Presbyterian Church on Hamilton Avenue. Lois Outcelt will have the Niagara forensics team on the program. All are welcomed to come and see these what these students can do.