Niagara forensics team performs for Golden K

The Niagara High School Forensics Team entertained the Golden K on Monday morning. Members, from left, are — in front, Jasmine Racine, Olivia Brasure, Anne Nanninga and Abby Bosley; in back, Anthony Hansen, Cassie Gill, Brady Steinbrecher, Jessica Oratch. Evan Bruemner, Austin Tripp and Jaida Maki.


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KINGSFORD — Spring appears to be giving its very best try, with milder temperatures, larger puddles and shrinking snowbanks. With the hope of seeing more and more greenery, the Golden K gathers at the First Presbyterian Church in Kingsford full of excitement and looking forward to doughnuts, coffee and great conversations.

Sharon Scholke, chairwoman for April, prepares her itinerary for the day, Alyce Derwinski warms up the piano and Lois Outcelt brings the group to task, asking “Are you ready to sing?” Having been met with a resounding “yes.” This group of seniors filled the fellowship room with music, proving this is one of the best ways to begin a Monday morning.

Happy birthday wishes to Bill Trudell, April 10; Ken Schultz, April 11; Iris Machus, April 14. Congratulations to LeRoy Lindstrom for picking the winning number for the 50-50 drawing. The guest song welcomed the Niagara High School Forensics Team. Outcelt, program chairwoman, brings these students to the Golden K each year and they demonstrate their talents with ease and professionalism, much to the delight of their audience.

The Wisconsin High School Forensic Association sponsors middle and high school interscholastic events in speech, debate and theatre. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has hosted this event since 1889, making it the oldest of its kind in the United States.

About 6,000 students will participate in this year’s event today. Competing with schools much larger than Niagara does not stop these students from giving it their all and coming out many times with a respectable record. There are about 15 different speech categories to choose from. The group has 30 members participating this year. Eleven of these students gave the Golden K five outstanding presentations, indicating Niagara can hold its own in competition.

Autin Tripp, Brady Steinbrecher, Anne Nanninga and Cassie Gill introduced the group to the background of the forensics program.

The first performer was Abigail Bousley with demonstration speaking, which explains how to do something and how it works. Bousley, standing behind her work, painted and narrated what she was doing. She used several brushes and different colors, explaining her work as she went. She streaked, smeared, dabbed and sprayed, then displayed her “Galaxy” — encouraging her audience they could do the same.

Next was “group interpretive reading.” The presentation by Jaida Maki, Austin Tripp, Anthony Hansen and Jessica Oratch was from “Horton Hears a Who.” Expressing feeling, humor and seriousness, they captivated the group. Young and old alike enjoy a Dr. Seuss story.

Third up was Evan Bruemmer, doing a reading relating to an incident in the Civil War. Though the story may be fictional, war always brings sadness, heartaches and losses. Bruemmer related a story that happened many times to other soldiers, in other wars, that ended with an ironic twist producing a gasp from his audience.

Fourth was about relationships. Olivia Brasure, Anne Nanninga, Jasmine Racine, Cassie Gill and Brady Steinbrecher took turns relating the difficulties men and women experience when a break-up occurs — the good parts and the not-so-good parts of a relationship. Going through the emotions of the conversation when the word “friend” enters the picture. No commitments, we can be just “friends” is the one word that raises a red flag. All things in today’s world change, so going to Dear Abby does not work — now it is “break-up girl” who has the answers for those moments. That advice column speaks to people in today’s language: “Sorry, deal with it, shake it off and move on.” Since everyone has gone through these “conversations” and been left with a feeling of uncertainty, this presentation was easy to relate to.

The Golden K seniors wish the Niagara Forensics group good luck in their competitions.

Monday’s meeting will feature the Kingsford Jazz Band.

The Golden Throats will sing at Freeman Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Community in Kingsford on Wednesday.


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