DISCA, RSVP programs discussed at Golden K

Golden K Chairman Sharon Scholke, center, introduces special guests Kristin Sommerfeld, left, director of the Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency and Kathy Arnold, right, RSVP director at the Monday morning meeting.


For The Daily News

KINGSFORD — The Golden K began settling into their favorites spots awaiting the Chairman Vance Uhazie’s cue to open the Monday morning meeting. Since the weather seems to be unpredictable, it is only fair for these seniors to follow suit.

As Alyce Derwinski prepares to play, she hands a sheet of songs to be sung to the director for the day, Al Calcari. He in turn announces the song and page number. Then it is the members responsibility to find the right page and song. Predictability now depends on the Golden K members to all have the right page, the right song and follow the director as he leads the group with his ear closely tied to the piano. Now comes the unpredictable part. Can these seniors follow the printed words, keep an eye on the director and stay with the piano? As with the weather some days are sunny and warm others not so much. So it is with the Golden K. Some songs actually sound just like they should — others not so much. All in all it doesn’t matter, since the whole group has a great time singing and Derwinski just shakes her head. They tried!

Happy Birthday was sung for Al Calcari, May 24. Happy Anniversary to Ron and Joan Jouppi, May 25.

Ben Determan happily picked up his winnings from the 50-50 drawing with wife, Ginny closely watching which pocket he put that in. A warm welcome to newest member of the Golden K, Myrna Magni.

Gilbert Engel thanked all participants who helped with the recent road pick-up. There was several bags of “stuff” gathered and the weather co-operated.

Sharon Scholke, program chairperson, introduced Kristin Sommerfeld, executive director, Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency and Kathy Arnold, director of RSVP. Both of these gals work very hard keeping many communities updated and connected with resources available to help people who are in need.

DICSA works with a board of nine to 12 people, 74 employees, numerous community organizations including medical, schools, non-profits, housing complexes/landlords, community events, thousands of community members, etc. With a budget of 2.9 million annually, they depend on federal, state funds and local grants. Also Dickinson County mileage and private donations. Volunteers, turning in their hours help keep the DICSA program viable for these funds. Sommerfeld explained the many programs she coordinates. Each one with its own agenda for monies and the distribution of funds.

Scheduling the “Buzzing Around Town” bus for those who have no other means of transportation get to their appointments for a minimal fee. Meals are prepared and delivered also for a minimal fee.

Senior centers work together to meets the needs of people in their communities and when an emergency occurs in one center another steps in to help to insure all communities can fulfill the peoples needs without interruption. People working together tirelessly to help their neighbors in need.

Providing various resources, like meals and transportation at a minimal or no cost to the people in need, holding fundraisers, with the aid of volunteers and a dedicated staff helping both Sommerfeld and Arnold provide necessary programs to help those with limited resources help themselves. “Services and the people who make them happen make a difference in the lives of those in need,” said Sommerfeld.

Members are reminded with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. The Golden K will have a picnic for the special needs children on Tuesday at City Park in Iron Mountain. Members are encouraged to gather at the park about 8:30 a.m.