‘Powerful Tools for Caregivers’ training in Newberry

NEWBERRY — Michigan State University Extension will provide a two-day certification training for the caregiving program “Powerful Tools for Caregivers” June 26-27 at the Luce County MSU Extension office on County Road 428 Hamilton Lake Road in Newberry.

This training is open to anyone interested in being a co-facilitator. If you currently are caregiving or have been one, or just want to help provide this program in your community, then this training is for you.

“Powerful Tools for Caregivers” program series is an evidence-based disease prevention health promotion program per the Administration on Aging. It is designed to be taught by two facilitators.

This two-day training prepares and certifies class leaders to successfully team-teach the six-weeks “Powerful Tools for Caregivers” series.

The objective of the program is to help caregivers identify stressors and challenges and provide tools that will help them as caregivers better manage the challenges and issues so that they can care for their relative or friend better.

The cost of becoming a certified Powerful Tools for Caregiving class leader is $450 per person.

The two-day certification training includes:

— Scripted curriculum

— The Caregiver Help book, companion book to the class

— Leader certification fee

— Networking connections with other trained leaders

— Intensive and interactive training provided by Michigan State University Extension Master Trainers.

As a co-facilitator you will be helping provide caregivers:

— Ways to reduce stress

— Solutions to communicate effectively with other family members, your doctor, paid help

— Signs and steps towards your better self-care

— Reduce guilt, anger and depression

— Helpful ways to relax

— Suggestions on making tough decisions

— Goal-setting and problem-solving strategies

The Six-Session Series covers the following topics:

— Hiring in-home help

— Understanding depression

— Helping memory-impaired elders

— Making decisions about driving

— Making legal and financial decisions

— Making decisions about care facility placement

— Communicating with other family members

— Planning, creating and using agendas for casual family meeting.

Contact Tracie Abram at MSU Extension and PTC Leader to pre-register 906-235-2985 abram@msu.edu Training requires seven participants in order to have the training.