Bay gallery reception Thursday for artist

ESCANABA — Bay College will have a reception and artist talk at 2 p.m. Eastern time Thursday for Jessica Shields’ fiber designs exhibition “Welcome to the Entanglement” in the Hartwig Gallery in Escanaba.

The exhibition will be on display in the gallery through Sept. 26.

Shields was born and raised in the small town of Ford River. As a child, she loved to put on fashion shows and strut around in whatever she felt like wearing. As she grew older, her unique style began to form and continue to flourish into other creative outlets as well. Beginning with bracelets, she quickly moved on to sew her very first product, which she still uses today: a worn-out purse made from household fabric scraps.

Although her material choice was unintentional at the time, it was that very first creation that led her down the path she has taken today. As every piece is created thoughtfully, with sustainability in mind, no two pieces ever end up the same. Shields is able to let her personality shine through every creation that is made.

As she went on to art school, an array of opportunities opened for her. In 2017, she received her associate in arts from Bay College in Escanaba, and then went on to graduate this year with a bachelor of fine arts in fiber and fashion design from Finlandia University.

During her time at school, she was able to display her work in numerous exhibitions, as well as two fashion shows. She continues to explore the innumerable possibilities fiber has to offer, while intertwining her life into all of them.