Mindfulness, wellness at Stardust Healing Center

KIRA TRELOAR AND Bryan Drewyor, along with Bruce, recently opened Stardust Healing Center at 415 S. Stephenson Ave. in downtown Iron Mountain, offering a variety of products and services for mindfulness and wellness. (Jim Paul/Daily News photo)

IRON MOUNTAIN — A dream a decade in the making became a reality for Bryan Drewyor and his partner, Kira Treloar, when they opened the Stardust Healing Center in Suite 10 at 415 S. Stephenson Ave.

For the past 10 years Drewyor and Treloar have organized mindfulness and wellness festivals around the region known as the Stardust Experiment.

The name Stardust comes from a song Drewyor wrote about a cosmic journey he says we are all on.

Stardust Healing Center is a place to go for a variety of wellness and mindfulness practices, including traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage and sound therapy.

Treloar previously studied sociology, worked for a non-profit for several years and owned her own jewelry business. She recently completed a masters of science in Oriental medicine and is now pursuing her doctorate.

Treloar said her own health issues that at one time left her bedridden benefited greatly from acupuncture and Chinese medicine and she now wants to help others.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method used to relieve some health conditions and symptoms, such as pain.

“It is a little bit different than the way western medicine looks at the body,” Treloar said. “Chinese medicine looks at it like the body is in a constant transition — it is called the yin to yang, the balance in the body, and you want to harmonize through different diagnostic practices.”

Drewyor has a degree in psychology and is known in the area as the One Human Band, a popular live music act.

“I am going to be doing life coaching and health and wellness consults,” Drewyor said. “So I work a lot with personality types and the enneagram as well as a lot of some of the traditional forms and psychology. But I like to apply them in almost like a broader form — what your passions are in life and how to kind of center your passions around a more balanced approach to create an overall system of health and wellness.”

Drewyor is going to use his musical background to offer sound therapy as well. Sound therapy uses music played in therapeutic ways combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and well-being. Drewyor said for his sound therapy sessions he plans on incorporating native flutes, Tibetan singing bowls and binaural beats, as well as guitar and classical piano.

Stardust Healing Center treats each person individually and as a whole person, to get their system balanced, Drewyor said.

In addition to the treatment rooms, Stardust Healing Center is an apothecary offering wellness herbs, Chinese and western botanicals and herbal blends, essential oils, tea and mushroom coffee alternatives, both caffeinated and decaffeinated.

Stardust Healing Center also features work from local artists and handmade jewelry. Treloar said local artists are happy to have an outlet and are eager to display their work.

Opening the downtown location with the practitioner rooms and retail space is what Drewyor calls phase one of his and Treloar’s plans. Drewyor said in the next year they hope to obtain some land for a retreat center, with a geodesic dome and yurts that will be a place for yoga and wellness retreats.

Drewyor also practices qigong and tai chi, ancient forms of Chinese martial arts that optimize energy within the body, mind and spirit to improve and maintain health and well-being. Drewyor hopes to open a school for qigong and tai chi at the retreat center.

Stardust Healing Center is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and can be contacted at 906-221-2157 or by email to stardusthealingcenter@gmail.com.


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