DCHS recognizes medical social workers in March

IRON MOUNTAIN – Medical social workers with the Dickinson County Healthcare System are being recognized for their work during March for Social Workers Month.

“Dickinson County Healthcare System and its patients and their families are helped every day by a team of well educated and experienced social workers,” a spokesperson said.

The social workers recognized include Suzanne Tusa of Dickinson Home Health as well as Stacy Summerfield, Elizabeth Mrozinski and Leah Suazo.

In the medical arena, social workers interact with a variety of patients including: the elderly, cancer patients, chronically ill patients, obstetrics patients, victims of abuse and neglect, and patients suffering from addictive substances. Strong communication skills are needed to be of effective assistance.

Social work is the profession of hope-fueled by resilience and advocacy. Social workers help millions of struggling people every day dream differently.

In the United States, more than 650,000 of these highly trained professionals know how daunting and immobilizing life’s tragedies and obstacles can be. But they also witness the sheer determination of countless individuals and families to achieve different lives.

Sometimes, all it takes to help people get on the right path is guidance toward what is possible. Other times, social workers are an immediate lifeline in crisis-providing access to resources and new life options.

Medical social workers provide the following types of assistance throughout the healthcare system:

– Discharge planning;

-Patient/family/discharge planning conferences;

– Skilled Nursing Facility placement;

– Information/referral to community resources;

– Supportive counseling;

– Financial counseling;

– Problem solving;

– Facilitation of Loss & Grief Support Group for patients and families;

– Resource for physicians and staff.

“The dedicated team of three professional social workers at Dickinson Memorial Hospital provides valuable and greatly needed support services directly to patients and their families as well as to physicians and hospital staff as they strive to provide sensitive, patient centered care, a spokesperson said.

“In addition, a medical social worker is part of the Dickinson Home Health care team. The quality of care available throughout Dickinson County Healthcare System is greatly enhanced by the services they provide.”


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