CCI has fun for a good cause

From left are Sara Powell, CCI administration manager; Catherine Gendron, organizational development administrator; Sonja Matzke, director of operations; Marcia VanWolvelaere and Melanie Washbish, U.P. Foster Closet; and Jim Chartre, senior director of design.
Director Dan Plante is splashed while employees cheer.
CCI Systems CEO John Jamar takes a dousing.

CCI Systems Inc. had its annual summer “parking lot” employee appreciation event July 24, this year with a rodeo theme. As part of the event, employees could nominate supervisors for a turn under a splash bucket. They then could make a donation to benefit a cause or charity of their choice — this year, it for U.P. Foster Closet of Dickinson County — for a chance to douse their supervisors. CCI Systems collected $652 in cash, along with a number of physical items, for the UP Foster Closet.


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