Cochran’s parents detail her life with husband

KELLY COCHRAN IS shown on police body camera footage guiding investigators to the area off of Pentoga Trail where she and her now-deceased husband, Jason Cochran, dumped the remains of 53-year-old Christopher Regan. Regan’s glasses were found near the downed tree, and his skull was later discovered in a clearing not far from the area. (Nikki Younk/Daily News photo)

CRYSTAL FALLS — Experts positively identified a skull found off of Pentoga Trail in May 2016 as that of murder victim Christopher Regan, and confirmed he died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Jurors in the Iron County trial of the woman accused of his murder, 34-year-old Kelly Cochran, not only heard this medical testimony Monday, they also saw police body camera footage of Cochran leading investigators to the area where Regan’s remains later were found.

Later on, Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell had Cochran’s parents testify about her relationship with her now-deceased husband, Jason Cochran.

Cochran, formerly of Caspian, reportedly aided her husband in killing 53-year-old Regan and then dismembering his body and hiding the remains in October 2014. However, the defense claims Jason Cochran was the driving force behind the murder and Kelly Cochran, who had a sexual relationship with co-worker Regan, only assisted her husband out of fear for her own safety.

Cochran was arrested in April 2016 after telling Indiana police her version of what happened to Regan and reportedly admitting she killed Jason Cochran in February 2016 as revenge for Regan’s death, according to court documents.

When Kelly Cochran was brought back to Iron County in May 2016, local authorities took her out to Pentoga Trail, where she pointed out the area where she and Jason Cochran dumped Regan’s remains. They found a skull later that day in a clearing not far from the area, lead investigator Laura Frizzo testified.

Forensic Odontologist John Filippi compared the skull, which was missing the lower jaw, with Regan’s 2011 dental X-rays and found the tooth fillings matched. The skull had a ballistics wound on the back left side with fractures leading to a missing left cheekbone, Iron County Medical Examiner Danny Yarger added.

Kelly Cochran’s parents then shed some light on her life with Jason Cochran.

The pair had grown up next door to each other in Indiana and had been together about 15 years, Cochran’s father, Tim Gaboyan, said. Both had attended Purdue University, Cochran’s mother, Melanie Gaboyan, said.

They ran a pool installation, repair and cleaning service while in Indiana, Melanie Gaboyan added, but Jason Cochran developed back pain that prevented him from working. Tim Gaboyan wasn’t convinced the pain was debilitating, however, as he claimed to have seen him lift heavy objects.

Kelly Cochran always was a take-charge person who ran the household, Tim Gaboyan testified.

Both parents noted marital problems and verbal arguments between Kelly and Jason Cochran but never knew of any physical fights.

Jason Cochran had been like family before moving to Caspian but came back to Indiana in March 2015 quiet and distant, Tim Gaboyan said. The Cochrans lived with the Gaboyans for several months afterwards until Tim Gaboyan became “uncomfortable” with Jason Cochran.

Powell was scheduled to continue questioning Melanie Gaboyan this morning, then call Cochran’s brother, Colton Gaboyan, to the stand.

Cochran faces charges of homicide-open murder, a life felony; conspiracy to commit dead bodies-disinterment and mutilation, a 10-year felony; concealing the death of an individual, a five-year felony; accessory after the fact to a felony, a five-year felony; larceny in a building, a four-year felony; and lying to a peace officer-violent crime investigation, a four-year felony.


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