Niagara student’s Isle Royale artwork chosen

Niagara School District students traveled to Isle Royal National Park as part of a special educational program. Kneeling at right from left are Edward Swanson, Joseph Geldmeyer, and Riley Ciepalowicz; standing from left, are Keira Maki, Abigail Tripp, Kiley Johnston, Abigail Richtig, and Tony Phillips.

NIAGARA, Wis. — Last fall several of Nicole Anderson’s Niagara seventh grade students traveled to Isle Royale National Park where they took part in a special educational program.

As part of their “homework,” students are asked to produce a piece of art for the Foundations annual book that is produced.

This year’s assignment was entitled, “Isle Royale through Different Eyes.” Niagara’s Kiley Johnston’s piece was selected as the graphic art winner.  Her art work featured a colored pencil drawing of a moose landscape within a wolf’s head which will be printed on next year’s IREP T-shirt.

The students who participated included Abbey Tripp, Abbie Richtig, Johnston, Keira Maki, Joe Geldmeyer, Tony Phillips, Eddie Swanson and Riley Ciepalowicz.

Hosted by the Renewable World Foundation as part of the Isle Royale Education Program, the students participated in classes that focused on renewable energy, environmental stewardship, earth science, and history through hands-on activities.

In addition to being taught about the basics of water filtering, camping, outdoor cooking, and leave no trace ethics, students also learned about the inter-connectedness of natural and human systems.


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