Police officers to staff office at Kingsford High School

Tim Olson, left, and Brandon Rutter are Kingsford Public Safety’s school liaison officers.

KINGSFORD — The Kingsford Public Safety Department will have office space at Kingsford High School as part of the school district’s commitment to the safety and well-being of students, Breitung Township Superintendent Craig Allen said.

The partnership won’t cost the district any money, Allen said.

Tim Olson and Brandon Rutter of KPS already serve as school liaison officers, assisting in maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors; visiting classes; and making presentations.

They now will be more accessible than ever before, and will share their responsibilities with other KPS officers. Their office at Kingsford High School will have flexible hours.

“Their enhanced presence on campus will allow them to build more trusting relationships between students and law enforcement and reinforce the message of community collaboration that is at the core of any safe community,” Allen said. “Both Breitung Township Schools and Kingsford Public Safety look forward to further developing the relationship between their two agencies to benefit the students of BTS.”