Stambaugh Elementary fifth-grade student board completes projects

IRON RIVER — The fifth-grade student board at Stambaugh Elementary has been busy serving the school and community over the past two months.

April was nationally recognized as Autism Awareness Month, to honor those incredible people who live with this condition.

Jeffery Knipp, a fifth- grade student with autism, created a presentation for his classmates and the other students in the school to help educate and raise awareness. The student proved to be a wealth of knowledge for both children and adults at Stambaugh Elementary.

The fifth-grade board also asked all students to donate any extra sheets, blankets, towels and stuffed animals they could gather from home for the local animal shelter. The dogs and cats of the Northwoods Animal Shelter received two full bins of supplies.

Jeremiah Wiegand, who regularly volunteers at the animal shelter, headed the project by coordinating the charitable efforts.

In May, the students on the fifth-grade board worked on a special project to honor the teachers of Stambaugh Elementary for Teacher Appreciation Week.

A video was created to express gratitude for all the hard work the teachers do throughout the year.