Lake Shore engineers at KHS

Tom Gibbons, left, is shown with Collin Watkins and Josh Vaiu.
Fritz Wenzel, second from right, visits with Troy Janosky, Evan Phillips and Lucas Bolda.
Dan Grunlund, second from right, spends time with Brody Kopp, Lucas Tappy and Riley Juneau.

Three engineers from Lake Shore Systems recently visited Kingsford High School engineering and mechanical graphics classes to deliver computer-aided design lessons. The three — Tom Gibbons, electrical engineer/manager; Dan Grunlund, mechanical engineer/manager; and Fritz Wenzel, vice president of engineering — talked to CAD students about the type of engineering systems that Lake Shore designs and builds for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Students learned how mechanical drawings and solid modeling software is used to produce complex elevators, cranes, ramps and other systems. They also heard how emerging technologies, such as additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is being used to produce parts on-board ships.


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