Generosity restores a stolen dream

Others band together to replace teen’s new chainsaw taken by thief

FROM LEFT, Piper, Aimee and Weston Roberts of Norway; Levi Fiorucci; Eldon and Teresa Rochon; and Paige Roberts stand near a table filled with new gear to replace a chainsaw Fiorucci bought this summer that was stolen off the porch at his family’s home. (Theresa Proudfit/Daily News photo)

QUINNESEC — A hard-working teen was surprised Monday with a new chainsaw from two local families after one he’d purchased was stolen off his front porch.

Levi Fiorucci, 16, had saved for the chainsaw intending to sell firewood to make money, only to have it go missing only two weeks after it was bought this summer.

His mother, Amy Fiorucci, took to Facebook to vent. Fiorucci said her son earns money to help out and buy the things he wants.

“He worked all summer saving money up. At the end of July he bought himself a brand new chain … (then) someone came right up to our house and stole it from our patio,” she wrote.

Fiorucci posted a photo of the chainsaw and asked that anyone who comes across an almost-new chainsaw for sale please contact her, adding, “I’m so angry, I could cry.”

Levi Fiorucci looks over the table full of gear the Roberts and Rochon families donated after someone stole a chainsaw he had purchased off the front porch at his home. (Theresa Proudfit/Daily News photo)

Just after the post went up, Eldon Rochon of Hermansville declared his Rochon Contracting and Tree Service, The Little Red Cottage, Beaver Pete’s Lodge and Ray and Aimee Roberts would buy Levi Fiorucci a new saw, extra chains, gas cans, oil, a gas card and safety gear.

The Roberts and Eldon and Teresa Rochon surprised Levi Fiorucci while he was eating dinner at The Big Ten on Monday evening.

“Because he’s a true little worker,” Eldon Rochon said.

They even threw in a second chainsaw and some cash.

“You keep these ones locked up, though,” Teresa Rochon said.

Levi Fiorucci was overwhelmed with the gift. “I’m so happy, thank you guys, seriously, thank all of you,” he said.

“I have no words to express how much love we are feeling right now and how thankful we are for everyone who helped us,” Amy Fiorucci said. “We will for absolute sure be paying this forward when we are able to.”

A $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of whoever took Fiorucci’s chainsaw. Anyone with information on the stolen Husqvarna 240 should contact 906-221-2111.


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