Dickinson dog owners reminded to purchase licenses

IRON MOUNTAIN – Dickinson County dog licenses for 2020 are now being sold, said Lorna Carey, county treasurer.

Licenses are $10 each and can be purchased at the treasurer’s office in the Dickinson County Courthouse.

“A dog license tells everyone that your dog is not a stray and also helps in the return of your precious pet if they become lost,” Carey said. “Licensing also protects the public from rabies, since licensed dogs must have proof of the rabies vaccination. Licenses are also required it you wish to take your dog to any public dog park.”

The most popular dog name for 2019 was Buddy, holding this position for two years in a row. Also popular for 2019 were the names Max, Bear, Chloe, Daisy, Charlie and Bella.

The most unique name for 2019 was Puffles. This name was chosen by the staff of the treasurer’s office, county clerk’s office and register of deeds. Other unique names included, Everest, Monkey, Klopin, Kahlua and Weasel.

Licenses must be purchased by Feb. 29. After that date, the cost rises to $20. Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

Kennel licenses are also available. For information, contact the treasurer’s office at 906-774-8130.


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