Florence students set up closet to help others in district in need

SOME OF THE people behind efforts to establish a closet stocked with free clothing, personal hygiene products and school supplies for students in the Florence County School District. From left are Florence High School Student Council Vice President Kaden Schuls; Secretary Jordyn Springer; Treasurer Jenna Springer; President Toby Wheeler; and Student Council Advisor Bryan Bomberg. (Brian Christensen/Daily News photo)

FLORENCE, Wis. — Students in need in the Florence County School District soon will have free access to essential everyday items.

The Florence High School Student Council this week plans to open a school closet stocked with clothing, personal hygiene products and school supplies.

FHS Student Council Advisor Bryan Bomberg credited the students for bringing the idea to the council after it had become apparent a number of their peers lacked even simple toiletries such as deodorant.

“A lot of the younger underclassmen, they’re hitting that stage of life where they’re going to need it and they don’t have it,” FHS senior and Student Council President Toby Wheeler said.

“They may be embarrassed that they don’t have these items,” said Jenna Springer, FHS senior and student council treasurer. “They may be scared to ask people or they know if they talk to their parents, their parents will say no.”

Bomberg sent a letter Nov. 17 to community partners stating the council’s intent to open the closet and seeking donations.

“It is our mission to provide students with access to the closet where they can take what they desire,” Bomberg wrote. “We believe that this is a need in our school and community.”

Since then, the council has received hundreds of dollars in donations as well as advice from other school districts that have started closets, Bomberg said.

When the closet opens, any student in need can approach staff members or talk to the student council, Bomberg said.

Anyone who would like to donate money or items — such as deodorant, toothpaste, razors, shampoo or clothing — can contact Bomberg at 920-850-2381 or at bombergb@myflorence.org.


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