IM man gets additional prison time for break-ins


IRON MOUNTAIN — An Iron Mountain man sentenced in August to 34 months in prison for breaking and entering a building will serve a minimum of eight years for additional charges.

Ryan Grismer, 37, was sentenced Tuesday in Dickinson County Circuit Court to as many as 25 years for a total of eight counts of breaking and entering a building with intent, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Grismer was convicted as a four-time habitual offender and could have served life in prison. The sentence will be served concurrently with his previous sentence.

Defense attorney Henry McRoberts said Grismer’s crimes were fueled by addiction and he had taken responsibility for his actions. McRoberts asked that Dickinson County Circuit Judge Christopher Ninomiya follow the recommendation in the pre-sentence investigation report for a minimum of six years in prison.

Dickinson County Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards said she believed Grismer was remorseful, but he had spent much of the past two decades in prison for various offenses.

“Unfortunately, for whatever reason, past efforts to rehabilitate him have fallen short,” Richards said, stressing the protection of society be the focus of Grismer’s sentence.

Grismer acknowledged his struggle with addiction and lengthy criminal history but noted a newfound appreciation for life outside prison walls.

“If I could turn back, I would,” Grismer said. “I just ask for mercy.”

Ninomiya said he thought Grismer was sincere but had 23 previous property-related convictions or adjudications and four previous prison commitments.

“I have to look at protecting our community at this point. You’ve established yourself as an individual who, for whatever reason and despite your best intentions, you continually engage in these behaviors. You put people at risk, you put property at risk,” Ninomiya said.

Grismer initially pleaded not guilty Sept. 23 to a total of 10 counts of breaking and entering a building with intent; one count of possession of the controlled substance methamphetamine, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison; and two counts of malicious destruction of personal property, a one-year misdemeanor.

In exchange for his no contest plea Dec. 2, Dickinson County Prosecuting Attorney agreed to dismiss two counts of breaking and entering as well as the drug and property damage charges.

Additionally, Richards agreed she would not object to a six-year minimum sentence.

According to one criminal complaint, Grismer broke into several business in the Downtown Plaza in Iron Mountain on or about Aug. 15-16, causing an extensive amount of damage.

Grismer reportedly stole several hundred dollars in cash as well as other miscellaneous items.

When arrested, Grismer was found to have what was suspected to be methamphetamine, the complaint states.

A second complaint states Grismer admitted he had broken into Northwoods Manufacturing in Kingsford on July 19-20 and stole several hundred dollars in cash.

According to a third complaint, Grismer admitted he had broken into Premier Custom Counters in Iron Mountain on July 22 and stole as much as $300 in change.

A pre-trial conference is set for Nov. 4.

Grismer was sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison Aug. 22 for breaking and entering Hometowne Lumber on April 14 and stealing a metal cash box.

Grismer initially had been charged as a habitual offender-fourth and could have served up to life in prison. In exchange for his guilty plea July 8, Richards agreed to reduce the notice to a third offense.


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