Crystal Lake area property owners may qualify for flood insurance relief

IRON MOUNTAIN — The Dickinson County Planning Commission has learned that residents in the Crystal Lake neighborhood may be paying for flood insurance they do not need, said Robert Werner, chairman.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency completed Flood Hazard Boundary Map revisions in 1976. Many residents are unaware their property still is designated as in a Special Flood Hazard Area, even though the chance of flooding is less than 1%, Werner said.

The original SFHA area around Crystal Lake was extensive. Its boundaries were roughly Kimberly Avenue to Evergreen Drive, and West B Street to Detroit Avenue. The map was amended and 35 properties have been already been removed from the original Special Flood Hazard Area but many more properties remain.

Flood insurance for those properties may no longer be necessary.

“Properties located within the current map boundaries need to file a Letter of Map Amendment in order to get out of paying for flood insurance,” Dickinson County Drain Commissioner Kevin Trevillian advised.

The Dickinson County Planning Commission recommends residents seek guidance and assistance from Iron Mountain city officials for further action.

The city already has helped some property owners, and can provide information on the process necessary to file a Letter of Map Amendment with FEMA.

For more information, contact City Manager Jordan Stanchina at citymanager@cityofironmountain.com or 906-774-8530.


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