Health agency advises caution

KINGSFORD — The Dickinson-Iron District Health Department advises people with known health complications to be cautious if they are considering eating or drinking at an establishment if the facility is not practicing proper safeguards to protect customers and employees.

Several restrictions have been outlined in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders for the safe openings of bars and restaurants in northern Michigan.

“Please be advised that just because a facility is open does not mean that extra precautions should not be taken,” said Daren Deyaert, health officer.

The health department has worked with local bars and restaurants preparing for the reopening of their facilities. All residents are advised to adhere to social distancing requirements and practice good personal hygiene.

“Our local communities have made it to date with very few positive COVID-19 cases. The Dickinson-Iron District Health Department hopes that people will be considerate to protect themselves and all communities’ members,” Deyaert said.

For further guidance please review EO 2020-96 and EO 2020-97, which can be found on DIDHD Facebook page and also on michigan.gov/coronavirus.


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