Mudd Runs called off

AURORA, Wis. –The annual Aurora Mudd Runs will not take place this year, due to COVID-19, the Aurora-Homestead Rescue Squad said.

“While our local exposure to COVID-19 has been limited, the event draws people from well outside our immediate area increasing the chances of infection being spread as a result,” the rescue squad said in a press release.

“Our limited ability to manage social distancing in our small venue along with the inability to provide additional health protections as required due to our small staff size made it obvious we could not hold the event. Lastly, our initial cash outlay for the event is very significant. If attendance was poor we would stand to lose a significant amount of money because food and other perishables can not be returned in this current climate,” the statement continued.

“We greatly appreciate the community support you have given us and look forward to seeing you in 2021.”


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