Dale seeks to challenge Markkanen in 110th District


IRONWOOD – Ironwood businessman and Vietnam veteran Lawrence Dale is a Democratic Party contender for state representative in Michigan’s 110th District.

Dale, the fourth generation of his family from the district, seeks to challenge incumbent state Rep. Gregg Markkanen, R-Houghton, in the Nov. 3 general election.

In the 2018 election cycle, Markkanen won the 110th by 1.6%, or about 500 votes.

Dale is optimistic that strong Democratic turnout in a presidential year will flip the district Democratic.

“Like so many from the 110th District, I am not surprised that our state representative, so recklessly co-sponsored House Resolution 267 opposing pending federal aid for Michigan’s infrastructure,” he said.

This aid would help schools, police, firefighters municipal governments and local post offices, and provide financial aid for working and retired families, he said.

“Stopping this vital aid would arrest statewide economic recovery and put Michigan deeper into fiscal crisis. Ironically, our incumbent and co-sponsors openly renege on their sworn oath of office to put the interests of their district’s constituents first. They all must be held accountable for their betrayal in November.”

The Democratic Party’s policies are both righteous and non-partisan, Dale said.

“During this pandemic and beyond, we Democrats are determined to put the interests of all working families first.”

To accomplish this, Dale said, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has formulated state emergency policies based on the advice of an expert virologist and economic advice to advance the following:

— Save as many Michigander lives as possible until a vaccine is developed.

–Use federal stimulus aid to keep the state’s economy afloat.

“In closing, it is reckless and unpatriotic during this time of statewide and national crisis for our district’s incumbent and his co-sponsors to put the interests of their extremist billionaire campaign contributors ahead of the interests of Michigan’s working and retired families,” Dale said.

Other Democratic candidates on the ballot in the Aug. 4 primary are Janet Metsa of Portage Township and Casey VerBerkmoes of Lake Linden.


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