IM paving bids come in lower than city estimates

Staff to bring back recommendation at Sept. 19 meeting

IRON MOUNTAIN — Bids for Iron Mountain street and alley paving projects this fall have come in lower than original estimates, which may mean a few small additions can be made, the city manager said.

But the timing later in the season could push some of the work into 2023, depending on weather conditions, City Manager Jordan Stanchina said.

The city had anticipated the paving project would cost about $400,000 due to inflation increases in materials.

But the two bids received were less than that estimate: about $326,000 from Bacco Construction of Iron Mountain and about $367,000 from Payne & Dolan of Gladstone.

Staff will evaluate those bids and forward a recommendation to the Iron Mountain City Council for its meeting Monday, Sept. 19.

The area to be paved in the original bid request included: 1,830 feet of Parkview Drive beginning at Harding Avenue; 1,125 feet of Antoine Street from North Milwaukee Avenue to Milliman Street; and 715 feet of Cedar Avenue between East D and East F streets. About 1,000 feet of alleys are also listed — near Huntington Bank between West F and West G streets; near Leeds Real Estate between West H and West G streets; and near Janet Street between Lincoln and Antoine streets.

Stanchina speculated small additional sections could be paved in the targeted area, depending on the staff review.

But with work not being able to start until later this month, perhaps not until October, some of the project might be delayed to 2023 if bad weather sets in early, Stanchina said.

Other city council business Tuesday included:

— Continuing the discussion on automated trash collection in Iron Mountain. The city sent maps to GFL Environmental USA, a North American firm that acquired Great American Environmental Services of Kingsford last October, but have not yet received a response. The maps are being evaluated to see whether some alley collection can continue. GFL has proposed providing each household with a 95-gallon wheeled trash cart that can be emptied by an automated truck. Its existing contract, now through Sept. 14, 2024, would be extended three years to Sept. 14, 2027, with a consumer price index increase of 4% annually. The only additional charge would be if a resident needs an extra cart, which would have a price of $1.50 per cart per month. For now, all collections would move from the alleys to the street.

— Setting a public hearing for Monday, Sept. 19, on setting pickleball hours at the Stanton Street courts from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., after neighbors complained about play as early as 5:30 a.m. and as late as 9:30 p.m.


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